By Trenity Thomas

About me

Welcome to World of Janae’.

I am Janae’ Hurst, a 24 year old from New Orleans, LA. When I launched last month I basically wrote my resume in this section of my website and although I LOVE my work in fashion and visuals an "About me" should be filled with quality characteristics. That being said, I figured I should share things like how much I love spicy food and wearing controversial t-shirts or how my city is my biggest inspiration. Put simply, I wake up everyday and do what I love and I want to motivate you to do the same.

Welcome to my world.

Q & A
1. What is World of Janae'?
Aside from the mission of promoting self-love and self- expression, World of Janae' is simply a platform outside of social media where I can share ALL of my adventures in its entirety.
2.What do you do for entertainment?
For entertainment, I ride my bike around the city and I also write.
I write a lot.
3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years, I want to be able to understand my purpose fully so that I can walk in my truth 100%. I want to be able to tell my mom she doesn't have to work anymore(compliments of me). In 5 years, I want to have a master's degree or to have gone to cosmetology school. Lastly, I see myself owning at least 2 homes and traveling how I wish..
4. Favorite designer?
My favorite designer is the late Alexander MCQUEEN of London. Mcqueen was so dark and mystical with his work. He also brought so many theatrics to his fashion shows. Two of my other favorites are Dolce & Gabbana of Italy and L'jai Amor of New Orleans.
5. What inspired World of Janae'?
Honestly, World of Janae' was inspired by people interest and positive reactions to my day-to-day experiences.